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Sneaking up on spoilers - optimising shelf-life

Working with short to medium length shelf life products? Maximising shelf life is critical to getting your product to market and through to consumption before it spoils.
This course will give you the tools to do this.


Professor John Brooks will present you with a tool kit of techniques to help optimise the preservation of your food products without having to use large amounts of chemical preservatives.

Known also as Hurdle Technology, it describes a deliberate combination of preservation techniques in order to establish a series of preservative factors that any microorganism present should not be able to overcome. Careful selection of hurdles to target different systems in the bacteria will maximise microbiological shelf life.  Spoilage caused by chemical changes, such as oxidation and enzymatic reactions will be covered only briefly.

Practical approaches to shelf Life Testing will also be covered in the course.

Activity during courseā€¦

Professor John Brooks will take you through the process of designing and applying hurdles in order to preserve foods, and designing and conducting Shelf Life Testing.


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10% group discount

Intended audienceā€¦

This course is at a level accessible by small business owners and food technologists alike.

A basic knowledge of microbiology will be helpful, but is not essential. All technical concepts will be explained in plain language.